‘Decomposer’ useful in strengthening crops’ nutrients

Raipur: Organic producer ‘Decomposer’ helps in increasing the nutrients in crops and in curbing diseases. It is produced from the cow dung of country cows. State Agriculture Department Additional Chief Secretary Mr. Ajay Singh said that there is a need for spreading awareness regarding organic medicine ‘Decomposer’ among the farmers. He was speaking at a workshop on ‘Krushi Apshisht Apghatak -Jaivik Khaiti’. He revealed that it had helped in reducing the costs in agriculture inputs and double the income of farmers.

‘Rashtriya Jaivik Krushi Kendra’ Gaziabad Director Dr. Krushnachandra gave detailed description of managing agriculture waste in modern scenario and waste Decomposer. He said that farmers burn agriculture wastes on the agricultural fields itself. The micro-organisms in the fields perish. The environment is polluted. It is beneficial to utilize ‘Decomposer’ for agricultural wates. The farm remains get decomposed in 40-45 days and is converted into high-quality manure. Director of Agriculture Mr. M.S. Kerketta expressed the desire to use Decomposer in Chhattisgarh and called upon the field workers to extend co-operation in spreading awareness among the farmers. Additional Director Agriculture Mr. S.R.Ratre gave detailed description on management of agriculture waste. He said combine harvestor is utilized in harvesting crops.

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