DAV Ispat School students shine in Class X Board Exam

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Bhilai, Aug 05: DAV Ispat Public School witnessed a remarkable academic session for Class X (2020-2021) when it’s very first batch of class-X upgraded to the next with flying colours. The batch came out with a cent percent result with 07 students, Laxmi Sao (95%), Sandali Dader (91.8%), Pratibha (91.6%), Sameer Kumar Rangari (91.6%), Aastha Shah (91%), P Ajay Kumar (91%) and Prince Kumar (91%) in the merit list.
The highest marks bearer being Laxmi Sao (95%) made the school proud with her hard work and dedication under the mentorship of an expert faculty. The CBSE had provided with a fair lot of parameters requiring a fair amount of effort on the part of the teachers to come up with the moderations and real assessment of the students in whole. A detailed and minute task was undertaken by the school to ensure that each and every child gets a fair and judicious result in hand.
This kind of assessment of a student also proves the fact that every assessment and assignments whichever is given to the students are to be taken gravely. The value of hardwork, dedication and sincerity has always been rewarded as it has been this time too when the students glowed with the shining results they begot for
their sincerity.
The Headmistress, Priyanka Shukla, congratulated all the students for performing so well in lieu of the rampant pandemic of Covid 19.She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the subject teachers whose constant endeavour and perseverance paid back in the form of an excellent result given by
the students.

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