DAV IPS dedicates a day to The Torch Bearers

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Bhilai, Sep 05: DAV Ispat Public School Sector 2 observed the Teachers day with full fun and fervour in its school premises on Sunday. The celebration commenced with the traditional ritual of Hawan Performance in the school premises in the presence of the Headmistress, Priyanka Shukla, and the entire staff.
A variety of activities were framed for the children, who, form an integral and inseparable part of this day’s celebration. The children too wait for this day to express themselves to their teachers in the same way as the teachers. It was very overwhelming to see the students showing their gratitude and respect they have in their hearts for their teachers which hardly get an expression otherwise.
Some of the students showcased their talent in a literary way in the form of poems, speech and conversations through the medium of short videos. Others took the medium of colours to reveal their love and affection for their teachers.
No doubt, its a day for each one of us to pay our gratitude to all our teachers for the caring and affectionate gestures with which they nurtured and enriched our lives.
The most attractive and fascinating of all the assigned activities was the one bearing the hidden theme of ambition and Profession where the students of the higher secondary wind dressed up themselves and presented themselves with the profession they aspire to be in future.
Some of the middle and the primary wing children imitated the style and dressing sense of their favourite teacher by walking and delivering the lectures exactly the way as is done by that particular teacher.
Apart from creating a hilarious moment, it also showcased the child’s creativity and artistic approach to a given concept. Such things definitely assess the calibre of the child and the teacher comes to know some of the hidden potentials of the child apart from their routine academic excellence.
The role of the teachers have become even more pivotal in this critical times. The future of the nation and the nation builders can produce the best with the unique bonding that they share between them, that is, the student -teacher bond.
This day is truly a day to heartily extend our sincere and hearty thanks to all those who are directly and indirectly related to this profession and are playing a vital role in contributing to the building of a strong nation.

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