Date of filing consent letter extended to June 03

Bhilai, May 29:
The Bhilai Steel Plant management has extended the date for submission of consent in writing for deduction of amount more or less than the prescribed amount for the contribution towards Chief Minister’s relief fund, Odisha towards Cyclone Fani. It needs to be mentioned here that BSP had issued a circular on May 25 for deduction of Rs 2000 from executives and Rs 1000 from the salary of non-executives for donation towards the relief fund. The proforma of consent as well as reducing or increasing the amount was to be submitted by the employees by May 28. As this duration was very short and most of the employees failed in submitting the consent letter, Hindustan Steel Employees Union (CITU) strongly raised this issue before the management and demanded to extend the date of filing consent letters. This issue was of great concern for the CITU union as some other unions had been giving statements that the three favourite unions of the management have signed a secret agreement for deduction of this amount from the salaries of the employees for contribution towards relief fund. Those unions even claimed that this information has been furnished by some top officials of BSP.
Refuting the charges, CITU leaders on Wednesday reached to the office ED (P&A) and first of all persuaded him to extend the last date of filing the consent letter. Thereafter they questioned him about the secret agreement which has been allegedly signed by the trade unions. The senior officials had no words for clarification. CITU leaders stated that the suspicious silence of the top officials indicates that they were some how involved in the baseless allegations made by other trade unions.
Soon after extension of the dates, hundreds of employees submitted their consent letters at their respective personnel offices. CITU leaders stated that submission of such large number of letters clearly indicate that the employees have rejected the management’s campaign of making contribution in CM Relief Fund. The union leaders further questioned that why the online consent system was not introduced. On this the management officials replied that a model has to be programmed for the purpose and due to shortage of time, it was not done. Union leaders questioned that why the management did not take any action in time.

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