Danteshwari Sugar factory running on water through tankers!

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Balo, May 03: The district’s only sugar factory Danteshwar Maiyya Co-op Sugar factory is running dry at 43 Deg. Celsius temperature as the management could not make any concrete arrangement for water supply to factory during summer season.
In such conditions, water is being supplied from 2 kms distance from Gram Karhibhadar through tanker and then only it is possible to run this factory.
Taking water on weekly basis
For past one week, the factory is made functional taking water from nearby sources, minimum two kilometers. The sugar factory management has so far got more than 50 borewell, but not a single borewell succeeded.
The result is such that entire factory is now at mercy of water supply through tankers. The very plans to bring water from Barhi dam is still pending and in this case it is only after lifting of model code of conduct that work on this project can be started, the factory management says.
Only interested in digging borewell, no permanent planning
As per information in this regard at the time of construction of this sugar factory, about a dozen borewells were opened and in condition as on date, about 50 odd digging of borewells has been done till date to keep the factory functional. But the Sugar factory management is not paying any special attention towards providing permanent solution towards it.
Though few months back, former Collector Kiran Kaushal had made plans to bring water here from Bahari dam, but with model code of conduct coming into force, this is in pending. Daily there is movement of around 20 water tankers for ‘parei’ work.
If Factory management is to be believed than for past one week the water problem has not become grave and the condition is such that the factory had to take water on rental to run the factory. Daily minimum 20 tankers of water is required and it is being supplied from Gram Karhibhadar.
On the other hand it is being said that if at all this factory has to be run uninterrupted manner, then the local administration and management has to make some permanent solution to this water problem in the factory, or else it is the farmers and factory management which will have to face the loss.
What is the loss to factory due to water shortage
The main machine of sugar factory i:e the Boiler requires lot of water for running it and otherwise the factory has to be closed. Even the employees working in the factory also require water on timely basis and they too are facing its shortage.
Presently it is being supplied at the rate of Rs 500 per tanker from Gram Karhibhadar. There are chances that the boiler of the sugar factory can blast or explode due to shortage of water.
To make arrangements for water, water pipeline has been laid for about half a km and brought from borewell. The plans to bring water from Barhi dam by laying pipeline is in doldrums. If this project is through then there will not be any problem for water in the sugar factory.
Plans to bring water from Barhi dam
GM Sugar Factory Pitamber Thakur said that there lot of water shortage in the factory and plans are afoot to bring it from Barhi dam and soon the work will be started into this. Presently water supply is being maintained through water tankers..

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