Cyber fraud dupes man of Rs 11.11 lakh

On pretext of fall in market value of SBI Life Insurance

Raipur, Jul 24: In a novel instance of cyber fraud reported in Amanaka police, a cheat has reported duped a man of Rs 11.11 lakh on pretext of fall in market value of his State Bank of India (SBI) Life Insurance.
According to police, complainant Dr Chandan Singh’s father Raghunath Singh till last year was holding a SBI Life Insurance Policy. In August last year, Raghunath Singh received a call from phone number 96436-88027 wherein the caller introduced as an executive from the SBI Life Insurance. He further told Raghunath Singh that the market value of his insurance policy has suffered drastic fall in market value due to COVID situation and saying so the caller offered Singh of converting his investment into highly lucrative NRI Share Market Life.
Not suspecting the caller at all, Singh agreed to get his SBI Life Insurance suspended prematurely and make his investment in the proposed company. To his readiness, the caller sent him another phone number 79928-27964 and asked him to deposit his investment in UPI link attached to it in smaller batches. In this manner, the frau siphoned Rs 11,11,546 from Singh’s account in 11 separate transactions. However, not a single investment certificate was provided by the fraud and when he was persisted for it regularly, he simply switched off his phone and is now untraceable.
Police, meanwhile, have registered an offence under Section 420 IPC and Section 66C, 62D of Information Technology (IT) Act. Further investigation in this regard is now underway.

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