Customer complaints against Credit Card Company for levying hefty charges

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Bhilai, Nov 15: On Monday, Collector Jandarshan received a complaint regarding an alleged credit card fraud. The complainant stated that two employees of the bank forced him to take a credit card and assured him that there are no charges for availing this facility.
Later, the bank did some more communications with the customers after which Rs 91000 were deducted from his saving account. The applicant submitted an application to Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure demanding action against the employees who forced him to take credit card. He further demanded to get his money returned back.
In another matter, the villagers filed an application before the Collector seeking employment in the newly established industries in their area.
They stated that the local workforce must get employment opportunities in the power plants which have been established in Bhilai – Charoda area. Villagers said that there are skilled youth in the village and if they get employment in solar power plant, they can provide better services.
Some social organizations also put forth a demand regarding the allotment of land. Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, after listening carefully to all the demands, assured the people to take action as per rules. On Monday, 48 applications were received in Jandarshan.
Many of the applications were related to infrastructure in rural areas and urban areas. Taking action on these applications, the Collector instructed the officials to examine the demands and conduct necessary documentation works for seeking administrative approval.
Some applications related to pension were also received in Jandarshan. The Collector asked the social welfare officers to examine the applications on
the spot.
It was found that the pension amount was not being deposited due to some technical errors. Technical errors were rectified on the spot. A citizen of Junwani applied for Patta. He said that when the survey was being done, he was out of station for some urgent work.
In the same manner, some other people had also gone out of the state due to various reasons and now they are deprived of the government scheme benefits. It is worth mentioning that Jandarshan is organized on two days of the week. The status of disposal of all the applications is being regularly reviewed by the Collector.

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