Current global expectations and significance of Vardhman Mahavir’s Panchsheel principle

Rajender Kumar Sharma
According to Jain religious texts, Tirthankaras are born from time to time for the enforcement of Dharma Teerth, who show the path of spiritual happiness to all living beings. The number of Tirthankaras is considered to be twenty four. Lord Mahavir was the last Tirthankara of Chaubisi of the current Avasarpini period. Who was born about two and a half thousand years ago, on Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi, in Kundagram of Vaishali Republic in Ayodhya Ikshvakuvanshi Kshatriya family. His father’s name was King Siddhartha and mother’s name was Trishala. Lord Mahavir was born in the era in which violence, animal sacrifice, caste discrimination was rampant. He taught the world the lesson of truth, non-violence. The Panchsheel principles of Jainism propounded by him such as non-violence, truth, non-violence, achorya (asteya), the confluence of celibacy is the pivot of Jainism philosophy. He gave wonderful principles like Anekantavad, Syadvad and Aparigraha. Due to the simplicity of the language, his teachings and knowledge are easily understood by the common people. In modern times, the full credit of Jainism, permanence and its philosophy is given to Mahavira.
The tragedy that the entire human civilization has faced during pandemics like Covid 19 is probably a warning to the human civilization. During this epidemic, experts suggested people to adopt vegetarianism, yoga, naturopathy and Ayurveda, behind which the message of “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” was hidden. If humans consume vegetarianism completely, then epidemics like COVID can be easily handled and managed in a better way.
Vardhman Mahavir’s philosophy of “live and let live” where on the one hand can contribute significantly to the establishment of world peace, on the other hand it also gives the message of preserving every living being in nature. Presently, the kind of ecological imbalance, which remains a challenge for man, can be dealt with easily if man follows the philosophy of Swami Mahavir. Earthquakes, landslides, uncontrolled floods, tsunamis, extinction of species from the ecosystem, forest fire are our equivalents, which can be preserved and protected only by the path shown by Lord Mahavir.
If the principles of non-violence, soulism, anekantism, karmaism and non-violence are made a part of the lifestyle, then the earth can be made like heaven. In the present advanced molecular era, it is essential to imbibe live and let live to protect the existence of every living being, without which life is impossible to imagine. The essence of all the teachings of Lord Mahavira is non-violence and non-violence is the base of all religions
Women have a special place in the events of Lord Mahavira’s life. Lord Mahavir got the affection of his sister in the form of Sudarshan, immense affection in the form of mother Trishala, wife in the form of Yashoda and Priyadarshini in the form of a daughter. After living the life of a householder till the age of 28, took initiation at the age of 30. After 12 years of hard penance, he got Kaivalya Gyan.
After taking initiation, Mahavir visualized the female caste in the form of mother. According to him, women should get equal rights in the religious and social field like men. The only purpose of all his efforts was to get the woman her lost respect in the society.
Pawapuri is the abode of salvation of Lord Mahavir where he attained salvation at the age of 72. During this time, King Bimbisara, Kunik and Chetak are counted among the main followers of Mahavir Swami. Mahavir Swami’s birthday is celebrated by the Jain community as Mahavir-Jayanti and his salvation day as Deepawali. The teachings of Lord Mahavir can play an important role in establishing global peace and ecological balance by guiding the world today.

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