Culture will be richer when ‘white dudes’ not in power: Bale

Los Angeles: Actor Christian Bale feels that “culture will be richer” when white men are not the only ones in charge of everything.

The “Dark Knight Rises” actor batted for a more inclusive Hollywood which can benefit everyone during a panel discussion with AOL Build to discuss his new film “Hostiles”.

“Our culture will be so much richer the day that we stop saying, ‘Hey, it’s all white dudes who are running things,'” Bale said.

“Whether that be Hollywood, whether that be Washington, you know. We’re going to get, in Hollywood, so much better films and so much more interesting stories being told and America will become the America that the rest of the world sees it as, that makes it unique,” he added.

The British-born actor also talked about his love for America, which he called “such a beautiful, brilliant country”, and moving his family there.

“It’s the reason I moved here, it’s the reason my kids have American accents. It’s because it is that, it’s a country of inclusion and invitation,” Bale said.

Directed by Scott Cooper, “Hostiles” also features Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Jesse Plemons, Adam Beach, Rory Cochrane and Ben Foster.

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