Crops are drying-up, no water in canals!

Navapara-Rajim, Apr 25:
In all three blocks near Rajim viz. Abanpur, Magarlod, Kurud, Rajim, every year they were getting water in the canals on regular basis, but this year despite sufficient rainfall, the farmers in many areas are not getting sufficient water for irrigation and at many a places the crop is now at the very of drying-up, as there is no water in the farms.
At one place the major problem is the lack of voltage problem due to which the pumps are not functional during the day time and farms are not getting properly irrigated. On the other hand, the water which was earlier available from canals, is not coming into the same flow and does not reached villages at the tail-end of the canal. At many a places the farmers are left with no option but to surrender their crops before the cattle as it has reached the state of drying up and they have opened their farmers for cattle.
There is great deal of resentment among the villagers due to lack of water supply for irrigation. The flow of water in the canals has reduced to a thin line and bare minimum water is reaching the end area.
The condition of paddy crop for this Rabi season is so delicate that if sufficient water is not supplied, then it may lead to drying-up of the crop on large scale. In village Dulna, Kathia, Navagaon, Champaran, Chandana, Parasati, Budeni, Bhendri, Karelibadi, Kundel, Ghourabhanta, Bhoth, Hardi, Balodi, Baronda, Pitai Bandh, Shyamnagar, Sursabandha, Koma, Kumhi, Dhamani and others the farmers are getting frowns on their forehead and have raised demand from irrigation officers to release water in the canal, or else their entire crop would go waste. All this purely depends upon the officers from WRD PHE and CSEB who are supposed to take initiatives and it is possible to save the crop drying up in many far-flung villages and the farmers too will have to take to street and find amicable solution.

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