COVID Care Center with 50 oxygenated beds set up at Aarang on Dahria’s initiative

Raipur, Apr 19:
On the initiative by Urban Administration and Development and Labour Minister Dr Shiv Kumar Dahria, a well-equipped COVID Center for treatment of COVID 19 patients has been set up in Arang in just four days. The town hall of Municipal Council has been converted into COVID centre with 50 beds and oxygen facility.
COVID 19 positive patients of Arang area can easily get their treatment with provision of this COVID Centre . People in the area, including the local public representatives have expressed gratitude towards the Minister for his initiative to set up COVID centre.
Under the leadership of the Chief Minister, for the treatment of corona infection, arrangements for oxygenated beds, etc., along with hospitals for treatment at the state level are being ensured. In this episode, Minister Dr. Dahria also showed his alertness and sensitivity, giving one month’s salary to the Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund, along with Rs. 50 lakhs from the MLA Fund and Rs. 30 lakhs from the Urban Administration Department in the Nagar Palika Parishad To provide health facilities to the people. Measures are being taken to set up hospitals with oxygenated beds on the state level under the direction of Chief Minister for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Showing his alertness and sensitivity Minister Dahria donated his one month salary to Chief Minister Aid Fund besides providing Rs 50 lakh from MLA fund and Rs 30 lakh from Urban Administration Department for making available health facilities for the people of Municipal Council Arang.
He had given instructions to set up a COVID Care Center and provide other facilities in Arang a few days ago in a meeting of local officials, health departments and public representatives including the Municipal Council. Dr Dahria visited Arang to take note of the progress in implementation of his instructions and inspected entire arrangements at 50-bed COVID centre in Municipal Council Town Hall. During his visit, he observed that COVID Center is ready with a team of about 40 doctor nurse compounders and health workers.
facilities have also been provided to the patients during treatment. Arrangements have been made at Satnam Bhawan for the doctors, nurses and health workers to stay. Arrangements for food and water for the medical staff have also been made at Satnam Bhavan. The minister closely observed all the facilities available in the COVID Center and also gave necessary guidelines. Minister Dr Dahria also instructed to provide health insurance to all the employees of the Municipal Council and to provide all types of safety devices such as PPE kits, masks, face shields, sanitizers etc. to the employees engaged in the treatment of sanitation workers and COVID patients. Minister Dr Dahria praised the works of Municipal Council Arang and Health Department and said that treatment of corona patients should be top priority. For this, all the officers and employees working at the COVID Centre should protect themselves. He also instructed to take proper care of the patients coming for treatment in COVID Center. CCTV has also been installed at the centre to monitor COVID patients. President Municipal Council Chandrashekhar Chandrakar, BMO Dr KS Rai and corporators Sharad Gupta, Sameer Gori, Komal Sahu, Chief Municipal Officer. Sourabh Sharma, Assistant Engineer Manish Swarnakar, Deputy Engineer. Nishan Sahu, Tehsildar. Banjara and Sajal Chandrakar, Khilawan Nishad and others were present.

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