COVID-19: 89-yr old cured and discharged by AIIMS Raipur

Senior citizen shows a way forward for COVID-19 patients

Raipur, Jul 10
An 89 year old COVID-19 positive patient from Bhilai has been cured and discharged by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. He is the oldest patient cured in Chhattisgarh. The patient shows a way forward for all COVID-19 positive patients as he enters a new phase of his life.
The patient was admitted on 2nd July as his COVID-19 test was found positive on 29th June, 2020. He was kept under continuous supervision of the expert team and was provided treatment as per ICMR protocol. He showed early signs of recovery and on 08 July, 2020 his second test was found negative and discharged accordingly. He was very much happy when discharged and conveyed thanks to all the staff in the COVID-19 ward.
Prof. (Dr.) Nitin M. Nagarkar, Director, AIIMS said that elderly population is more vulnerable to COVID-19 worldwide as per data available. It is significant for AIIMS Raipur as there is a high recovery rate among elderly patients in the state. Even, elderly patients with co-morbidity have recovered. Recovery of an 89 year old patient will be another guiding force for us. It shows that if a patient has patience and a fighting spirit, he or she can recover. Follow the instructions of doctors, trust them and take medicines on time, he said.

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