Couple arrested for robbing woman, son in Salasar Green apartment

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Raipur, Jul 10: In a joint action early on Saturday, DD Nagar and Raipur Police Cyber cell brought to the city a female robber from Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and recovered from her robbed ornaments and electronic gadgets worth Rs 1 lakh which she had robbed at knife-point along with her fiancée at a flat in Salasar Green apartment in DD Nagar police station locality. The robbery had taken place on the afternoon of July 2.
According to police, complainant Dharam Shila is a housewife and resides at flat no. F-605 situated in Salasar Green apartment. Her husband Sanjeev Kumar deals with online share trading and it through this business association he was known to the female robber who too was in the same business. It was further complained that the two robbers, each wearing a helmet, arrived at their flat at about 4:00 pm and got the door opened on pretext of being Covid vaccine surveyors. With the complainant telling them that she and her husband have got both the vaccine dose, they asked her for drinking water. When the woman returned with glasses of water and further demanded them to show their ID-cards, the female robber pushed her down and closed the door from inside. The complainant’s 16-year-old son rushed to help his mother but the female robber instantly placed a knife on his throat and forced him to the bathroom where he was locked.
Returning back, the female robber stared pulling the complainant into the bedroom which he resisted. It was here the male robber removed his helmet and hit ferociously hit the complainant leading to both glasses of her spectacle falling out of the frame.
Hereafter they dragged her into the bedroom and took away all the ornaments and electronic gadgets by opening the almirah through its keys.
The complainant then suddenly started shouting for help following which both the robbers immediately moves out the flat and fled on the Honda Activa bike on which they had arrived.
Neighbours meanwhile rushed to help the woman and they also helped in releasing her son. In the meantime, it was found that the robbers had fled in the Honda Activa bike which had registration numbers pasted on paper.
With the help of this information police launched to trace the bike and it was found abandoned near Pandri. Police soon found out the vehicle’s owner through its engine number. The vehicle owner then told police that he rents two wheelers and the particular bike was also rented to a couple. He also informed police that the woman had given her IDs which showed her as resident of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.
Following this revelation, a police team immediately headed for Maharashtra and the robber was taken into custody. Identified as Ayesha Aghadi, the accused is a charted accountant and also deals in online share trading. While the business association ran smoothly initially, Ayesha reportedly suffered a huge financial loss after investigating on advice of Sanjeev Kumar. With her money not being returned, she conspired the robbery in association of her fiancé Irshad Khan of Noida.
Following her confession, Raipur police procured transit remand from local court and brought her to city. Police have also recovered the helmet along with the bike used in committing the crime. Efforts are now underway to trace the woman’s fiancée.

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