Corporation lodges FIR against illegal plotting, dumped material seized

Bhilai, Sep 24: The anti encroachment squad from Bhilai Municipal Corporation conducted eviction drive against people who attempted to encroach the government land situated on Junwani Road, and was on the way to prepare road structure for illegal plotting. The team along with this also reported the matter to the concerned Smriti Nagar Police Station seeking legal action against Dukhan Bai, Dhanish, Budharu, Durgahin, Maina Bai, Manbai and Manika Bai Bahorik. The FIR was lodged at the police station by Himasnhu Deshmukh, Building Permission Officer. In his letter Deshmukh has mentioned that Dukhan Bai and others had conducted illegal plotting for sale without obtaining approval from the competent authority on the land at Khasra number 115/2, which is clear violation of provisions in Municipal Corporation Act. The land at Khasra number 47/2 is registered in the name of Dukhan Bai and others, and therefore by preparing layout for plotting and selling the land is illegal and legal action should be taken against them under relevant sections. Apart from this, murrum dumped near Shankaracharya College, Junwani to build a road on the government land was also seized. With the help of the Revenue Department, the demarcation of government land will be done and taken over. Legal action can be initiated against the culprits after thorough investigation.
Bhilai Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi on the complaint of an MIC member had on Tuesday, directed Zone-1 Commissioner Sunil Agarhari to take immediate action against illegal plotting on government land. Thereafter, a tea, from Zone 01, in the presence of Pritam Singh Chauhan, Tehsildar from Durg, inspected the spot, including Building License Officer Himanshu Deshmukh, Sub Engineer Arvind Sharma and ARO Sharad Dubey. Zone-1 Commissioner Sunil Agarhari was also present during the eviction drive conducted on September 23. An inquest was prepared while seizing the murram dumped on the government land along the Junwani road.
Here it needs a mention that MiC member and incharge of Urban Planning Building Permission Department Diwakar Bharti had on September 22 made a complaint in this regard to Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, for the government land located near Shri Shankaracharya College Junwani Road whereby attempt was made to link the land on Khasra No-199 with private land, cut plots and sell it. He has demanded immediate action against those involved and immediate stop on registration and name transfer of land without permission from Town and Country Planning Department. Along with this, he had informed about the monetary loss rendered to the government due to sale of land at Khasra number 115/2 area 0.134 hectare and 47/2 area 0.730 hectare by Dukhan Bai and others without permission from the concerned department. Based on the complaint received, spot verification was done and action was taken. The stamping of these Khasra numbers is being investigated, Patwari was also called to find out the details of the land.

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