Coronavirus recovery rate in Chhattisgarh better than other states

Mortality rate too much below other states

Raipur, Jul 03
COVID-19 management in Chhattisgarh started showing better results now. The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients in the state is far better than other neighbouring states. According to information available 78.4% patients have recovered in the state. Recovery rate is 54.2% in Maharashtra, 76.7% in Madhya Pradesh, 69.1% in Uttar Pradesh, 45.4% in Andhra Pradesh, 48.8% in Telangana, 72.9% in Odisha and 76.9% in Jharkhand.
So far 2362 out of 3023 COVID-19patients in Chhattisgarh have recovered.
At the national level, Chhattisgarh stands fourth among the states with the best recovery rate. In states with more than 50 patients of COVID-19, only Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Tripura have recovery rates higher than Chhattisgarh. Even in terms of mortality, Chhattisgarh is better than the neighbouring states. The rate of mortality is only 0.5 in Chhattisgarh whereas in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, the rate is 4.4 percent, 4.2 percent in Madhya Pradesh, 1.2 percent in Andhra Pradesh, 1.5 percent in Telangana, 0.5 percent in Odisha and 0.6 percent in Jharkhand.
Keeping in mind the possible spread of COVID-19, preventive steps were taken on the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in the beginning of February itself. Initially, the corona virus detection facility was limited to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Raipur. RTPCR examination facility of COVID-19 has been expanded with creation of high level labs in government medical colleges of Jagdalpur, Raipur and Raigarh.
Testing for Coronavirus is also being conducted in IRL Lab and private sector SRL Lab at Lalpur, Raipur. Pool-testing is also being done to increase the scope of investigation. So far, samples of one lakh 66 thousand 656 people have been tested in the state. With recovery of 2362 out of 3023 COVID-19 positive patients the number of active patients now stands at 647.
Health Minister TS Singhdeo said that arrangements were to treat COVID-19 patients in eight regional and 22 district level hospitals of the state. All these hospitals have the facility to treat 3384 patients. Arrangements have also been made for 445 ICUs and 296 HDU (High Dependency Unit) beds. Apart from these hospitals, 146 COVID Care Centers have been set up to accommodate 8161 patients.
All COVID hospitals have sufficient N-95 masks, PPE kits, triple layer masks, VTMs and essential medicines. Health Minister Singhdeo is constantly monitoring the systems of testing and treatment through the State COVID Control and Command Center. There are also 15,835 beds in 166 quarantine centers operated by the department across the state. In view of the return of large number of migrant workers in the state, about 21 thousand quarantine centers have been set up in gram panchayats and urban bodies, whose capacity is about seven lakh. Four and a half lakh workers who have returned to the state from various states have reached their homes after completing the quarantine period of 14 days.

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