Corona Virus Risk to Pregnant Women


Doctors say expecting moms should take precautions to avoid coronavirus, just as they would avoid the flu. That includes taking preventative measures like frequent hand washing and avoiding anyone who might be sick.
Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of a woman with some challenges and lots of happy moments. However, during the pandemic, stress and anxiety can quickly multiply, impacting the lives of the mother and the family.

Pregnant Women and Risk of Getting Infected with Coronavirus
Almost 98% of the pregnant women have asked: “Am I more at risk if I’m pregnant?” The answer is that there is no indication that pregnant women are at a greater risk. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t get affected.

Pregnant Women with Coronavirus: Things to Consider
Studies suggest that pregnancy alters the immune system of the woman so the complications may increase if she catches coronavirus. However, the risk varies from person to person as a study conducted with 43 pregnant women in New York revealed that a majority don’t experience any severity. Nevertheless, some portion of the women was at risk.

Can the virus be transmitted to the uterus or to the child during breastfeeding?
Considering transmitting the virus to the child, there was a study conducted in Wuhan on 33 women, which showed that three of the babies contracted the disease despite measures to prevent the spread. This implies that the chances of transmitting the virus are low, but the child can get the virus.

Breastfeeding and Coronavirus
There is no data that support whether breastfeeding is dangerous or not if the woman is infected with the virus. However, WHO suggests that the baby can be provided with breast milk using a breast pump.

Additional Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Child from Coronavirus
You need to take proper precaution and must change the structure of prenatal care. This includes limiting exposure to other relatives, medical staff and the woman should practice social distancing as much as possible.

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