Construction of ‘Gauthan’ in villages in full swing

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Sukma, Jun 01:
Construction of ‘Gauthan’ in villages of Sukma district is taking place speedily and this ‘Gauthan’ is part of government’s prestigious scheme of ‘Gao Suraji Yojana’- ‘Narva, Garwa, Ghurva and Badi’. This is being constructed for the stray cattle in villages and for other domestic cattle.
It is notable that economy of village, villagers, farmers and cattle are complimentary to each other and during period of time, there has been major gap and shift in the concept of rural economy and planning.
So in order to strengthen the rural economy, the state government has launched the above scheme. In 23 different Gram Panchayats of different block of Sukma District, ‘Gauthan’ is being constructed and they are taking shape speedily.
It is notable that under able direction of Collector Chandan Kumar and under regular monitoring and guidance by CEO District Panchayat Richa Prakash Choudhary, the deaprtments are working. Gauthan is being constructed in village Netnar, Kerlapal, Nilawaram, Korra, Gongala, Budadi, Kanjipani, Pakela, Chipurlal, Rajagunda, Soutnar, Birsathpal, Gumam, Kikirpal, Rokel, Mimsa, Samsatti, Dubbatota, Nagalgunda, Maraiguda (Revenue), Kankerlanka, and under Gram Panchayat Polampalli.
In the Gauthans constructed in these Gram Panchayats, the villagers are bringing their own cattle for shed and cover and many cattle can be seen grazing, wandering here and there in these’Gauthans’. An arrangement has been made in these ‘Gauthan’ for fodder for animals, cattle and water during summer season. For water facility, solar pumps have been installed in these ‘Gauthans’. The agriculture department in order to prepare ‘Vermicompost’, is preparing ‘Vermibed’ and ‘Nadep taka’. In the same way stop-dam is being constructed for the selected nullahs and water bodies in the Gram Panchayat. The Horticulture Department is carrying out development of ‘Badi’ in the villages by the side of the rivers and the beneficiaries from these villages will be selected for ‘badi’ development. On development of this prestigious scheme of the state government, it will boost the rural economy and would also provide avenues for employment to rural poor and would increase production of organic manure and compost for crop yield and production. This will also promote use of organic farming and would promote farming and agriculture in the rural areas.

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