Congress went on to dent Treasury bench psychologically

During no confidence motion against government in Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly

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Raipur, Jul 07: With nothing to lose, the principal opposition Congress went on to target the Treasury bench psychologically during the no confidence motion on concluding Day of the Monsoon Session of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly. In his own aggressive style, the Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee (CPCC) President and Legislator from Patan Bhupesh Baghel even went on to claim that several Legislators including the Members of State Cabinet would not be able to return back to Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly after the next elections. Above approach of Congress leader was to attempt to demolish the confidence of high-flying Cabinet Members who have been adopting indifferent stand against the opposition during the last few years. Top opposition leaders including the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader TS Singhdeo accused the State Government of taking care of the election manifesto through which they had sought vote and support from the people during the year 2013. Denial of benefits to the weaker section of society including the farmers was also vehemently raised by the opposition members to corner the Treasury bench during the no confidence motion. Concluding smartly the proceedings, the Congress did not even sought for vote division after the debate on no confidence motion as the BJP can even not have the figure of victory to raise it on political front.
Treasury bench members were left with just giving excuses over failures apart from making tall claims on achievements which would not ensure votes from people when they go to public in the next Legislative Assembly elections.
Outcome of the psychological attack on the Treasury bench members would be felt when they would go back to their respective constituency. With more than four months left for the next Legislative Assembly elections, the attack on them would remain in their mind.
But the biggest concern for the Congress high command is that several of their current Legislators too are facing public anguish as they could not get works and benefits in the favour of the people from their own constituencies. A fresh approach from both the ruling BJP as well as principal opposition Congress would be key for their future poll prospects.

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