Cong-NCP merger a good idea

T he second coming of Narendra Modi with greater majority and bigger cabinet must be taken for weathercock for the scattered opposition parties which are in need of a common cause which would keep them together to fight against the policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which they all along believed to be antidemocratic. Pre-poll alliance would have been a better option for the opposition, but absence of a united opposition in the house of law makers is like giving the government walkover and that is what anti democracy. While the murmuring about Congress and NCP coming together shows not only it is heading for making a consensus as how to counter, what they said, the evils of BJP government but also for solving the leadership crisis owing to the insistence of Rahul Gandhi to quit the presidency. It is high time Congress should think of making a recognized presence in the Lok Sabha, which is possible if both the parties –Nationalist Congress Party and the Indian National Congress- agree to merge with no reservations on either side. In politics nothing is impossible. It is height of the possibility that Rahul Gandhi agrees to sit with the NCP the formation of which was the result of an unfriendly gesture of the NCP leaders at the proposition of Sonia becoming the prime minister. Moreover, with Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar and other senior leaders back in Congress, the dilemma over the competency of holding the Congress reigns as a time when the party stands more or less a political untouchable may come to an end. Once regional parties occupy states, it is very difficult to unstable and the result is local parties influencing the central politics for regional benefit. Now the crisis of leadership in Congress is because of loss of confidence in the party workers who have had feeling of ‘being led with no chance to lead’ for decades during which the new generation cropped up with a remarkable amount of sincerity towards the leader while the elder generation more or less phased out due to their comments and ill-will at the same time losing its charm. Rahul Gandhi’s mind is travelling in right direction, as far as the issue of presidency which he has determined to relinquish, if he sees a veteran like Sharad Pawar as a savior of Congress at this juncture, with his expertise in handling the power matters and party matters the way which can reestablish Congress culture. A ray of hope or two may be drawn from the YSR Congress which proves an able father’s legacy can be taken forward with a wish to fight and will to win, and on the whole Jagan’s is a Congress. Last but not the least, abstinence from or boycott (whatever term may the Indian National Congress can choose) of media is a nonexistent idea, for press matters in its own way in the life of a political party –silent or eloquent. Parties can chose to keep distance, but press not, and it should never because it has a responsibility in a democracy to probe and provoke to bring the truth out.

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