Cong is misleading farmers on farm Bills: Brijmohan

MSP will not end in any condition

Raipur, Sep 24: Former Minister and MLA Brijmohan Agrawal has accused the Congress of misleading farmers across the country for their personal gains with the protests against farm bills. Addressing the press conference, Brijmohan Agrawal said that amended farm bills was brought in the Lok Sabha, but controversy is being raised by the Congress, this is a step to change the lives of the farmers. Citing that farm bills will bring revolutionary changes, Brijmohan said that through both bills, the farmers of the country will get the right price for their produce. They will not have trouble in selling the produce. Apart from this farmers will get relief from middlemen. Former minister said that legislations give farmers the freedom to sell their produce anywhere and ensure timely payment to them.
The Congress is trying to mislead the farmers of the entire country. He said that even after corona, wheat procurement was increased 3 times on MSP. Arrangements were made of 12 thousand crores for fish and animal husbandry. In addition to this Agricultural insurance scheme was introduced by the Modi government.
In the summer season, 57 lakh hectares were cultivated. During Corona, 598 e-mandis were increased to 1 thousand. The demand of farmers was that crop insurance should be voluntary which was fulfilled. Now the farmer will be able to sell his produce in any part of the country. He alleged that in Chhattisgarh, Congress is behind sand and liquor mafia, there is no harm to the farmers in the BJP government whereas during Congress government the farmers are having difficulty in selling paddy. He informed the farmers of Chhattisgarh and the country that MSP will not end in any condition and e-mandis will be formed. With the decision of the central government, youth will be attracted towards agriculture and farmers’ will see better future.

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