Conduct internal review of actual use of Hindi: Anil Kumar

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Bilaspur, May 26:
The 51st meeting of ‘Kshetriya Rajbhasha Karyanvan Samiti’ (KRKS) was held under the chairmanship of Addl GM Anil Kumar at Zonal HO auditorium of SECR here on Thursday.
In this all the DRMs of three divisions of SECR Bilaspur Zone viz. Bilaspur, Raipur and Nagpur and Chief Workshop Mangers of two Workshop of Railways (Wagon Repair Shop, Rapur and Motibagh Repair Shop, Nagpur) and officers and employees of Hindi Grih Mool Lekhan competition winners were also present.
In the meeting, as per the agenda of Railway Board, discussions were held on all the comparative figures under different heads from Dec 2018 to March 2019.
Addl. GM Anil Kumar chairing the meeting said that apart from conducting review of statistics in teh meeting, they should also conduct internal review of actual use of Hindi in their respective offices and checking the problems faced in using Hindi by the employees, they should be motivated to work in the official language Hindi.
All the HoDs taking out time of 10 minutes, should hold discussions in Hindi and this will have good effect on the employees working under them.
To obtain report, they were asked to check the check-points. He also said that physical inspection should be done in each department, so that actual increase in use of Hindi language is known.
Taking each and every section of the department as target, efforts should be made to increase use of official language. In context of safety related issues, he said that the field staff should be given consultancy/ advice in Hindi. He also directed to ensure use of library on regular basis.
In the welcome speech, Chief Rajbhasha Adhikari Shashi Prakash Dwivedi urged all to use Hindi language and said that as per policy of GoI, one should ensure more and more usage of Hindi langauge. Laying emphasis on use of official language he cited the lines of Bharatendu Harishchandra.
He further said that major part of Bilaspur zone comes under north zone and therefore we all should do works in Hindi language. The officials during their inspection should also check about actual use of Hindi language.
Highlighting on the importance of inspection by Sansadiya Rajbhasha Samiti, the documents under section 3(3) should be issued in two languages and for this a guard file should be developed.
They all should keep record of evidence of work in Hindi as per inspection by high committee of Rajbhasha Sansasdiya Samiti (RSS). In the meeting Rajbhasha Adhikari Vikram Singh made the presentation and drew attention of members of divisions and repair shops about compliance of official language under different heads.
Meeting was attended by Addl. GM Jagannath Taa, APO Vinod Kumar Sharma, Fuljanes Lakda, RRC, Mandal, SPO, personnel department, Pradep Sharma, Mahendra Sonkusale, Ashish Choudhary, engineering department and Deepak Gwala, transport department and Balram Yadav, construction office with cash prize and citation certificate.

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