Complaint filed against CMO Ratanpur for violating rules

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Ratanpur, Sep 13: The Chief Municipal Officer (CMO) Madhulika Singh is being charged with serious allegations of passing on benefits to three placement contractual labourers going against the rules. A complaint in this regard was lodged along with documents to District Collector Bilaspur that the CMO with due assistance of Madhunisha Singh-Legal advisor Nagar Palika Ratanpur has declared the contractual labourers using fake documents as daily wage employees and passed on the benefit of regularisation.
It is notable here that earlier also CMO Madhulika Singh at the time of her assuming office here earlier has faced charges of issuing NoC to candidate for the post of President in Nagar Palika Ratanpur despite the candidate having charges of economic irregularities in the audit objections; she is also facing charges of assisting accused president of Nagar Palika in corruption of rice actually means for poor during corona pandemic; and also charges of defaming honest and dedicated Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the name of carrying out VIP checking of her own family members during corona vaccination and also entering into controversy with existing BCC President and ward No. 14 corporator and ward resident.
As per the guidelines circular No. 12-1/2007/1-3 dated 05/03/2008 issued for regularisation by GAD, it is only the employees appointed as daily wagers / adhoc employees between 01/01/1989 to 31/12/1997, will be eligible for regularisation. But in context of the above three labourers, they were just appointed as contractual employees.
According to the complainant, Chief Municipal Officer (CMO) Madhulika Singh and Legal Advisor Nagar Palika Ratanpur Madhunisha Singh, the Nagar Palika Parishad members too are involved in this conspiracy. As per Rule 13 of the Parishad member’s meeting held on 09/04/2021, such employees do not hold eligibility for regularisation and she has sought opinion of Legal Advisor for the same.
The complainant has also lamented serious charges against the Legal Advisor Madhunisha Singh of conducting hearing both for the parties (complainant and non-complainant) going against the natural law of justice and presenting forge documents in the High Court and misleading the Court in this case.

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