Company director’s driver arrested for burgling Rs 3.26 lakh from office

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Nov 27:

Telibandha police on Friday arrested the driver of a director of a construction company for burgling Rs 3.26 lakh and a cell phone from the office on the intervening night of November 21-22 last. Police also recovered from him cash Rs 2.29 lakh and the cell phone.
According to police, complainant Sandeep Shukla is the cashier of M/s. Rajesh Construction which has its office in Babylon Tower. On account of the nature of work being undertaken by the company, Rs 3-4 lakh in cash is always kept in the office’s locker. On November 25, when Shukla opened the company’s locker to take out some money for making a payment, he was stunned to find it completely empty whereas he had kept cash Rs 3.26 lakh in it on November 21 before closing the office. It was also established that the cash was stolen from the locker by opening it and there were no signs of tampering it at all.
He immediately informed the matter to his employers after which he was directed to lodge a complaint in Telibandha police station. Registering an offence under Section 457, 380 IPC, police immediately launched an investigation into the burglary. Soon police obtained vital clues from the company’s CCTV cameras wherein it was clearly found that company director’s driver Rahul Dubey had entered into the office on the night of November 21 and had remained there from 10:30 to 11:45 pm.
Rahul was then taken into custody for interrogation during which he initially refused of having committed the burglary but faced with the CCTV recordings and the time of his presence in the office broke his resistance and he ultimately confessed his crime. He further told police that he had gained entry into the office by taking the keys from another employee Vikas Kumar Singh on a false pretext.
Police have since recovered from Rahul cash Rs 2.29 lakh and the cell phone he had stolen from the company’s locker.

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