Commissioning of CDCP, Chamber 4, Battery 11 complex after in-house Capital Repairs

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Bhilai, Sep 04: Coke Dry Cooling Plant (CDCP) Chamber No 4 in SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s Coke Oven Battery#11 was commissioned after capital repair on September 02, 2021. Coke Oven Battery#11 in SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant was commissioned with Coke Dry Cooling Plant (CDCP) on October 14, 2014.
For the first time, the new technology of CDCP with four chambers was introduced in the line of coke production for improved coke quality to serve the requirement of large volume Blast Furnace#8.
In CDCP, coke is cooled by re-circulating Inert gas, where heat exchange takes place which is used to generate Steam in the Boiler section of CDCP & the generated steam is fed to Back Pressure Turbine Generator to be converted to Electrical Power. After serving for around 7 years, job for Capital Repair of CDCP, Chamber No 4 was undertaken from June 02, 2021.
Capital repair was completed within planned time of 75 days on August 15, 2021. After heating of chamber, the commissioning for the same was done on September 02, 2021 by Director I/c, Bhilai Steel Plant Anirban Dasgupta in presence of Executive Director (Mines) Manas Biswas, ED (Projects) AK Bhatta, ED (Works) Anjani Kumar, CGM I/c (Services) SN Abidi, CGM I/c (M&U) Arvind Kumar and other senior officers. G Atchuta Rao, CGM CO&CCD welcomed the dignitaries.
The repair which is normally executed under Russian supervision was executed in-House by shop (CRG-Ref., Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance) and associated Departments like Instrumentation and Power & Blowing Station. The job was executed within a record time of 75 days under the leadership of CGM (CO&CCD) GA Rao.
The job involved around 1700 Tonnes of refractory material handling along with refurbishing of various critical Mechanical & Electrical equipments. Various modifications were also incorporated which is expected to increase its life from 7 years to about 9 to 10 years. The total cost involved was to the tune of around Rs 5 Crores. Replacement of Screen Tubes & Economiser in Boiler section was also undertaken by Power & Blowing Station Department. The working accomplishments, strategy and planning execution was well appreciated by the Director In-charge. Special applause was conveyed for the safety ensured during this kind of typical repair.

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