Collector issues instructions about vote counting

Mobile phones and pens banned at counting centre

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Korba, May 15:
Important instructions regarding the counting of votes were issued to political parties and candidates during a meeting organised at Collectorate Conference Hall. The counting will take place on 23rd of May, at IT College, Jhagarha.
Collector and District Election Officer, Kiran Kaushal, gave detailed information and important instructions about vote counting to the Lok Sabha candidates and their agents. She said that authorised passes will be issued for entry at the counting centre and no person will be allowed inside the campus without this pass. These passes will be issued by Election Commission of India or District Election Officer. Video recording will be conducted by District Election Department for monitoring all the activities at the venue. She said that no candidate, counting agent, counting worker, officer, or media representative will be allowed to carry a mobile phone, electronic gadget, pen drive, tobacco, paan or cigarette at the counting venue.
It was made clear that no vehicle will be allowed within the radius of 100 metres around the counting centre. Three circles of forces will guard the counting centre. A senior magistrate with sufficient police force at the outermost circle will identify the people entering the venue and ban anyone who does not have authorised pass. The second circle, at the entry gate of the campus, will search the person before he enters the venue campus. Third circle will be present in the form of CPF which will search the person for mobile phones and other banned articles, before entering the counting hall. Media representatives will be required to have an authorisation letter issued by Election Commission of India, in order to enter the campus. A separate media center will be set up for them.
Priority in sitting for agents has been set as per the political parties: the agents for the candidate of nationally recognised political parties, followed by state recognised political parties, then recognised parties from other states, registered but unrecognised parties and independent candidates. Apart from the Returning Officer (RO), no other person will be allowed to carry a mobile phone in the counting hall.
RO will have the power to search any person he finds suspicious, and send away any person for disobedience. No person will be allowed to enter or exit the hall without the permission from RO.
It was stated that counting will begin from 8:00 in the morning and the postal wallets will be the first to be counted. A total of 14 tables will be set according to the assemblies for counting votes of control units. The candidates will be allowed to appoint one agent for each table.
Also, VVPAT slips from any five random booths of every assembly will be counted for general assurance. During the meeting, important instructions were given to the agents regarding vote counting. The representatives of political parties, Lok Sabha candidates, returning officer and assistant returning officer were present during the meeting.

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