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Baloda Bazar, May 09: Kasdol’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Center is proving to be very useful in preventing malnutrition among children. In 2018, it has succeeded in nurturing 175 hundred children. At present, 11 children who were admitted along with their mother are taking advantage of the scheme at the center. Their mothers are also paid a wages of Rs 150 with free meals. District Collector Kartikeya Goyal reviewed the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) today. He appreciated the work of this center by taking feedback from the children and their mothers. This center is operated by Community Health Center Kasdol. Nutritional food is served as well as health treatment by placing malnourished children along with their mothers for fifteen days. Mr. S Jayawardhan, CEO of District Panchayat was also present on the occasion of inspection.Collector Goyal conducted a thorough inspection of hospitals in Kasdol and Arjuni area. He looked closely at the hospital’s work in Kasdol for nearly one and half hour. He also met the patients and the family members and took information about the facilities provided by the hospital. Information about the facilities being met by visiting patients and their families in hospitals. The Collector has also instructed to carry out the proper maintenance of the records in various wards. He also inspected the store room and expressed his displeasure over not keeping the document properly.
The collector said that no medicines should come under expiry without using it. He also met with ‘Mitanins’ in the hospital. who came to the hospital to attend the monthly meeting. Collector also took information about the health status of the rural areas. On receiving information that a preganancy case was handled by touts in village Kosamsara, Collector instructed Tehsildhar, Mr. Sinha to take action. He also instructed to open canteen in hospital premises for the family members of the patients.
The Collector also took the meeting of the Doctors and officials at the hospital. The Collector also highlighted various points to be taken into consideration while doing the post-mortem.
The collector also told the BMO said that regular monitoring of primary and sub health centers under their control.
The collector stressed that even a single delivery should not be done outside the hospital. If such cases are witnessed, the concerned health worker will be held responsible. The Collector also conducted a surprise inspection of the Arjuni Primary Health Center. He met the children at Anganwadi center situated in village Borsi. The Collector expressed the satisfaction over the presence of children in Anganwadi and eating and drinking. On this occasion, Narendra Paikra, CEO of Janpad Panchayat, Dr. Vipin Jain, District Women and Child Development Officer, BMO Mr. Paikara, DPM, Srishti Mishra and doctors and officers were present on the occasion.

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