Collector holds review meeting regarding Narwa Scheme

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Bhilai, Feb 21: Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure took a review meeting to assess the progress of the ongoing NarwaScheme in the district. He reviewed in detail the progress of 980 structures sanctioned for 29 canals of the district. The Collector said that the Narwa scheme is the most important scheme of the government.
Technically, it is necessary to build the best structures at the right places so that the flow of water in canals under the ridge-to-valley approach is reduced and the water permeates into the ground and in turn increases the ground water level.
He said that the success of the scheme will not be measured by the number structures built, but will depend on the increase in ground water level and whether the farmers of the area have started taking second crop.
A slight increase in the water level is similar tolife saver for the farmers. Taking the example of growing gram, the Collector said that it requires watering only once. Public cooperation is also very much required to do such work.
He asked those present at the meeting to meet the people and take their feedback. Veterans are well-versed with the course of canals. Taking them into confidence and seeking their will prove to be more useful.
The Collector further explained that such structures are to be built under the Narwa scheme which reduce the speed (flow) of water as per the requirement under the Ridge-to-Valley approach.
This will help water permeate within and retention of the moisture in the ground. He said that if the structures are completed well within time, then it will start showing its effect in the next Rabi Crop.
The Collector said that this work requires extensive monitoring and as the work will be done in canals spread over several kilometres, the authorities will have to give a lot of timeand alsocooperation from the villagers is required.
Officials informed that along with small structures, the work of desilting and deepening has been completed in several places. The collector also reviewed production of vermi compost, sale of cow dung and other activities at the meeting. He said that Gawthanhave to be self-sufficient.
They are to be developed as centers of livelihood activities. Innovations are very important for this. Professional approach is necessary for the sale of vermicompost. It can also be sold to private people in cities. He said that for the success of the same, enough fodder, presence of animals, cow dung and production of vermicompost and regular activity of self-help groups are very essential for the success of the Godhan Nyaya Yojana.
All officers should monitor it regularly. Among those present at the meeting were Bhilai Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi, District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok, Additional Collector Prakash Surve, BB Panchabhai and other officials.

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