Collector facilitates freedom of bonded labourers

Konta, Feb 04:
Sukma District Administration and Police Department has netted a big success.  With the initiative of Collector Vineet Nandanwar, the trapped bonded laborers in Karnataka have been efficiently brought back to their home state.
Some youths in Sukma district went to the state of Karnataka for higher income.  But leave aside more wages, full remuneration was not available.  On receipt of this complaint, the district administration took quick action and formed a team and successfully completed the process of returning these workers.
20 workers stranded in Bairanhalli in Kolar district of Karnataka state have been relieved after coming to their home state.  Workers said that they had gone to work in Karnataka.  The owner was said to pay a remuneration of 12 thousand rupees to male laborers and 9 thousand rupees per month to female laborers.  Workers were taken made to work for more than 12 hours and no remuneration was given in return.  Workers were being employed without pay for the last 11 months.  Apart from this, the owner was also assaulted on the matter of going home.
Worker Santosh Mandavi, a resident of Mulaguda, who successfully reached his home district Sukma, said that in January 2020, he went to Bairanhli in the state of Karnataka to work with his colleagues.  He expected good hard work and a better life.
Since March, he was not allowed to return to his home, nor was he paid.
Worker Kosa Vetti said that the owner used to take more than 12 hours of work from all the workers and did not even provide food on time.  Along with this, the salary fixed by the owner was also not given, for daily expenses, only 500 rupees were received in a month.  He complained to his family through phone and pleaded for help.  Now coming to his home village, he feels better.  The workers thanked the Collector and the district administration for their safe return. According to information received by labor inspector Satanand Nag, some workers from Sukma district and the border state of Odisha had gone for carrot farming work at Messrs Ranganath Enterprises in Malur in Karnataka state.
The sarpanch of the Jhapra Gram Panchayat presented information to the Collector District Sukma that the owner was not allowing the workers to return home.
Taking immediate cognizance of this, District Collector Sukma initiated an immediate solution and action was taken to bring back the trapped workers by forming a 5-member team.
A total of 20 workers have been successfully brought back, including 10 from Sukma and 10 from Malkangiri district in the border state of Odisha.  Action is being taken to send the workers of Odisha state to their home village.

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