Collector asks officers, employees to develop healthy work culture

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Rajnandgaon, May 08:
The District Collector Jaiprakash Mourya has asked all the officers and employees of District Collector’s office to be present on time sharp at 10:30 am and directed them to delegate their responsibility for the official work sincerely and honestly.
It is as per instruction from Collector, when the Upper Collector SL Motwani conducted inspection last on May 4 in District office, he would that many officers and employees were not present on their desk and chair. In the meeting he has given strict warning of taking strict action against the officers and employees not reporting to office on time and added that if they fail to come to office on time, then half of their salary will be deducted and their presence will be marked after the lunch-hours. Issuing final warning to the officers and employees found absent, he said that on receiving second complaint, the habitual late-comers to the office will be identified and then action of compulsory retirement will be taken against them. Meeting was attended by Upper Collector SL Motwani, Dy. Collector Lata U Urvasha and other departmental heads and office chief and the officers and employees who were found to be absent in the last visit.
In the meeting, Collector Mourya apprised the officers and employees about their work and responsibilities in detailed. HE said that all officers and employees are government servant and therefore all should come to office on time and complete the official work for benefit of the public with honesty and sincerity. He said that they all are accountable towards general public and all should be committed, dedicated and should have interest in their works, so that they can complete all the work in favour of general public and render maximum support.
Mourya asked the officers and employees of the District Collector’s office to develop a good work culture in the office and issuing strict warning to officers/ employees found absent he said that on repetition of the same, the individual officer or employee himself will be responsible. He said that under special circumstances if any officer or employee is unable to reach office, then they should inform their immediate peers or seniors or departmental head on phone. He directed all the departmental heads to adhere to the guidelines issued and ensure its strict compliance.

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