Code of Conduct comes into force for representative trade union election

Bhilai, Jun 13: The election of representative trade union of Bhilai Steel Plant will be held on August 02 during 06:30 hrs to 16:00 hrs. This will be done by verification of membership through secret ballot process. The Code of Conduct for the election has come into force at Bhilai Steel Plant after the tripartite meeting chaired by Regional Labour Commissioner (Central) Raipur with BSP management and Trade Unions.
The provisions of Model Code of Conduct were issued formally by the personnel department of BSP on Thursday. According to the provisions of model code, the management shall not enter into any settlement with any trade union functioning in Bhilai Steel Plant which may directly or indirectly affect the interests of any of the concerned trade unions.
The Code of Conduct further states that all the employees in service as on the date of reckoning ie on June 01, 2019 are eligible to vote. Thus the employees who were on service as on the date of reckoning but later retired/terminated/discharged etc. etc. from the service shall also be entitled to cast their votes. The voters are required to produce their identity cards at the time of polling. In case the identity cards are misplaced or lost as on the time of voting, the person has to produce the certificate issued by the HOD under whom he is working. Any person on leave but present at their polling station shall have the right to vote at the moment and report to respective booth centre accordingly. There will be no transfer of any employees till the Polling and Counting is over. Save otherwise in exigencies with due permission of the Returning Officer.
Officially canvassing, propaganda, demonstration or any other type of campaign pertaining to election are allowed for not more than 15 days before the date of election and shall stop 48 hrs before the time of polling. The leaders/office bearers / voters are required to maintain cordial and fully discipline strictly, during the period/code of conduct of polling as well as counting, so that entire exercises shall move smoothly. No other person, except voters shall be allowed within the premises of polling both centres. Every union activity like demonstration, canvassing, propaganda or any other type of campaign shall not be allowed with-in the premises of 100 meters around the voting centres.
Respective presiding officer shall issue chits bearing serial numbers to the voters who are found to have been in queue as on 16:00 hrs. Such voters as may be specified by the presiding officer, shall be entitled to cast their votes even after completion of specified time of voting. Any person coming late and not even found in queue as on 16:00 hrs shall not be allowed to vote. The presiding officers will accompany the voters who have lost their eye-sights or blind, to the ballot box and ask his willingness to vote and the presiding officer will cast the vote in the name of such person as desired by him/her. Decision of the presiding officer on any matter pertaining to his booth affairs shall be final. In case of any confusion/complication, the Returning Officer/ Assistant Returning Officer/ may intervene into the matter and settle the issue on its merits which would be final and binding to the parties to the dispute. Any aggressive/violence activities or misbehavior of any member or voter shall be viewed seriously and be handed over to the police at the very moment for legal action. Use of any mobile/camera inside the polling booth and counting centre by any voters or by any union representatives is not allowed. In view to avoid scratches and damages to office buildings and other Public properties within the purview of township, all the unions are hereby advised to refrain themselves from such activities like unauthorized display of their banners/posters/hoardings etc. therein. No complaint regarding Polling/Counting issue shall be raised except at the time of its occurrence. No such complaint shall be entertained after the process of Polling/Counting is over.
Direction/Order/Instructions of the Returning Officer shall be obeyed in all matters related to various aspects of election. No inducement, financial or otherwise, shall be offered to a voter. No aspect of the private life, not connected with the public activities, of the leader of workers of other parties shall be permitted to be criticized. No disturbances shall be created in public campaign meetings or processions organized by other unions. People participating in processions shall not carry any articles which are capable of being misused as missiles or weapons. No liquor should be distributed/carried during elections.

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