CM inspects facilities for farmers

Raipur, Dec 16:
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on his return from Jalbandha in Khairagarh block of Rajnandgaon district made surprise visit at Paddy Purchase Centre (PPC) in Gram Birejhar and inspected the place. At Jalbandha PPC Baghel went along with farmers to check about the arrangements made for paddy purchase and held talks about the same with them. CM while inquiring about quality of paddy and availability of paddy to farmers at weighing place were informed that they are able to sell paddy without any problems due to good working at PPC. The farmers are selling paddy in the gunny bags provided from Samiti and those purchased by them. On this occasion Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey, Food Minister Amarjeet Bhagat, PHE Minister Guru Rudra Kumar and Chairman State Civil Supplies Corporation Ramgopal Agrawal were also present. During discussions a farmer Bisoha Lodhi from Gram Peti informed that he is farming in around 1.5 acre land and has come to sell 51 ‘katta’ of rice. He informed CM that he had taken crop of 6444 type of paddy in his farm. A female farmer from Gram Pawantara Triveni Verma hd come to sell 55 ‘katta’ of paddy and another farmer from Pawantara Mahendra Verma had come to sell 170 ‘katta’ paddy. Farmer Dileep Verma from Gram Peti informed that he is selling second lot of his paddy and first time he had sold 300 ‘kattas’ and today had sold 258 ‘Kattas’. Speaking further CM was informed by the farmers that they have taken crop using vermi-compost this year and had come out with good results. Ishwar Lal Dhangar from Gram Birejhar informed that using vermi-compost has got him good cultivation and it has improved his soil’s fertility. This maintained the quality of crop and as compared to last year he got more production. Bunty Vaishnav from Kharra informed that there is better system for paddy purchase this year and the amount is credited in his account once paddy is sold and he did not had to wait for long. Chotelal Sahu informed that earlier the number of PPCs were les and now with more PPCs and it is for convenience of the farmers that new PPCs have been formed and all this has benefitted the farmers, as they do not have to travel long and avoided all inconveniences.

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