Cloth market without any proper planning for Parking space

Raipur: Pandri Wholesale Cloth market is the largest cloth market of Central India and here daily hundreds of traders and cloth merchants come for business. But it is without making any arrangements for parking place, the Raipur Development Authority (RDA) has established this huge cloth market in city. Today parking has become one of the major problems in Pandri Cloth market is that of parking.

Over the period of time, RDA has not taken into account the requirement of parking place with expansion of this Pandri market. Land for parking is kept reserved by RDA, but instead of parking vehicles here, it is treated as dumping ground. On top of all this, RDA instead of making some firm work plan for parking and implementing it to its full, it is more keen on increasing commercial usage of the land instead of providing basic amenities. It is due to controversy and unorganized distribution of allocation of plots, the total 42000 sq. ft land is now reduced to just its half.

In Pandri Cloth Market, daily more than 4000 customers visit the market and the shopkeepers themselves are having around 1000 private cars or big vehicles. All these vehicles are parked directly in front of the shop and due to which there is often situation of traffic-jam on the roads. Though Raipur City has got the procedure of transforming into Smart City, but probably it will take lot of time to become Smart City in real sense. With lack of any proper work plan and hosts of problems and no amenities, the problems are where they were years back.

major problems in city

Prominent among the two major problems in city are traffic and parking. Even in Complexes also the parking space is used for commercial purpose and the vehicles remained parked on the roads. In Pandri Cloth Market also parking is a serious problem and here daily there are transactions worth crores, as apart from wholesale and retail traders, even general public also comes for purchase here.

But now-a-days they have to literally struggle for parking place. Due to lack of space, they generally park it by the roadside and due to which there is traffic- jam like situation daily. Apart from the cloth market, there is rush for the City Centre Mall and Haat Bazar on daily basis in the form of exhibition and others and by evening there is lot of congestion in the area. On Saturday and Sundays, it is practically impossible to come out of this congestion. In this traffic problem, apart from general public, the shopkeepers of Cloth Market too are equally perplexed. RDA has kept land reserved for parking in the region, but even after many years the land could not be used for parking.

Presently instead of parking vehicles here, it is used as dumping ground. Here RDA is having around 42000 sq. ft. land and later RDA took a decision to sell it out by cutting plots and after this only 10000-12000 sq. ft. land is now left. But in this remaining land also RDA could not construct proper parking venue. Along with shopkeepers of Pandri, the general public too have demanded construction of multi-storied parking seeing the amount of pressure on daily basis and this will provide good relief to people.

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