Cleaning of historic ‘Chind Talab’ taking shape

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Gariyaband, May 30:
The cleaning campaign undertaken by the Nagar Palika administration for city’s historic ‘Chind Talab’ is now taking shape. For cleaning of ‘Chind Talab’, people of city in large number are reaching here for cleaning apart from local people and representatives on Sunday. They are contributing for labour for cleaning of ‘Chind Talab’.
In this series, on last Sunday, general public reached ‘Chind Talab’ and contributed in cleaning of the pond along with Nagar Palika staff. They took to work along with Nagar Palika staff with spade and removed the silt and mud which has got accumulated in the pond and also removed waste and garbage and took it out using a basket shiting it like passing-the-parcel and the enthusiasm was worth witnessing. On this occasion they held talks with other people and hoping that this would be cleaned soon and urged more and more people to join in this campaign.
It is notable that four weeks have been completed on launching of this campaign by the Nagar Palika administration and it is due to their efforts that pond is being cleaned. On every Sunday, the people of city are removing water weeds, water hyacinth and silt from the pond giving 4-6 hours daily. As such lot of cleaning from upper part of the pond has been done.
Nagar Palika CMO Rajeshwari Patel informed the waste on upper part of this pond has been cleaned about 25% and at the same time the wild grass and water hyacinth inside the pond to some extent has been cleaned. So far 20 tractor loadful of waste has been thrown out and she hoped that in the coming days the campaign would intensify further.

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