City reels under high temperature, hot winds as ‘Nautapa’ begins

Central Chronicle News
Bhilai, May 25:
Sweltering heat continuing to scorch steel-city with temperature hovering at around 46 to 45 degrees and hot winds throughout the day on Saturday was enough to remind everyone that the nine hottest days of the season, the nautapa, has begun. On the very first day of the dreaded nautapa, hot winds started blowing making the real feel to be much more than the actual temperate. Morning temperature was around 43 degrees with normal wind at 13km/hr but the gust that blew at 35 km/hr was enough for the people to avoid moving out. By afternoon the temperature surged to 46 degrees but with the real feel of 48 degrees and blast of air people preferred to remain indoors and the roads wore a deserted look. Even in the evening hours say around 19:00 hrs there was no respite as the temperature remained 40+.
The only relief was one down and only eight more left. The meteorological department forecast of rains unlikely in the region during nautapa has left people with counting the days for the pre-monsoon showers.
Presently for the masses who do not have the option to stay indoors life has become miserable. To prevent themselves from heat waves they are using Umbrella, covering head and hands with scarf, cap and hand gloves when moving on the road. Some are also see soaking towel or cloth in water and wrapped it around the head. But these are not the perfect solutions to protect the body from extreme heat. The best precaution would be to avoid heat and particularly the children, women and old people should stay indoors. Summers result in parched throats and people tend to drink unsafe water and it is very risky so one should be careful with drinking water.
Some important tips for preventing yourself in extreme heat are increasing your fluid intake regardless of activity level. Drink more water than thirst indicates not less than 6 litres everyday. Avoid drinking chill water and cold water immediately after coming from outside. As far as possible wear cotton and light shade dresses and avoid synthetic clothes. While steping out into sun, always cover the exposed area of the body. The best thing would be to avoid moving out between 10:00 hrs to 16: hrs.

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