City facing severe water crisis, wards purely dependent upon tankers

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Churrikala, Jun 02:
With start of summers in Churrikala, the drinking water crisis intensifies and this time the problem is equally grave and the residents are facing water crisis. On the other hand the regional representatives and local administration is not at all serious about this problem and due to which the residents of city has to struggle for single drop of water during peak of summer season.
Just near the Nagar Panchayat Churrikala, Kathghora block is one with large population and the then Sarpanch by digging a borewell in his private land and installing a motor pump has supplied water in entire region by laying pipelines and by which the people were getting sufficient water. But even after deposit of amount for start of government’s ‘Nal-Jal’ Yojana, this facility has not been started and the problem has now become worse.
After formation of Nagar Panchayat, hindrances in water supply through ‘Nal-Jal Yojana’ has started, despite the fact that after formation of ‘Nagar Panchayat’- the govenrment spends lakhs on ‘Nal-Jal Yojana’, so that the residents can get sufficient water during summer season. But with arrival of summer seasoin, the problem starts surfacing. This time the problem is equally grave, as by expanding pipelines in all the wards, public taps have been built and it has become a show-piece for the wards. The problem of drinking water is so grave that general public has to lay 100-200 mts pipeline to draw water from wells. Similarly the well which was in the city too has been levelled and other two-three wells are the most polluted due to lack of proper cleaning and throwing of garbage and waste into it. If at all these well would have been maintained and properly cleaning every year, then this problem would not have been faced by the general public now.
During the term of Nagar Panchayat, two overhead tanks were constructed and out of which only one tank is operational and which being the oldest of tank is already having lot of seepage and water is getting wasted here. The other water tank not been used is turning into shambles.
It is not that the residents are not been supplied water through tankers as it is just bare minimum area which is being covered. On the other hand, hundreds of handpumps have been installed in the city and out of which only selected few are operational and some of the handpumps are having red-water.
It is notable that every year borewells are dug in the city and which closes down after some time. Last year in November-December from corporator’s fund, digging of borewell was done and all are have dried-up with arrival of summer. So from this it can be very well be anticipated how the government funds have been misutilised. In this regard the Chief Municipal Council officer said that due to intense heat the water level has gone down and since the water table is down, the city is facing water crisis. Efforts are being made to find solution to this problem at District Panchayat level and water is being supplied to all the wards. AR Dixena- Chief Nagar Palika Officer, Nagar Panchayat – Churrikala.

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