CITU sends reminder to SAIL Chairman

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Bhilai, May 31: On Friday, Hindustan Steel Employees Union (CITU) forwarded a reminder letter to the Chairman of SAIL demanding immediate actions on the assurances that he had given during his last visit to Bhilai Steel Plant. The letter was handed over to the officials of Industrial Relations Department of Bhilai Steel Plant.
CITU leaders stated that during his first visit to Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL Chairman has assured to re-launch the leave encashment scheme if the company comes into profit making situation. When the company emerged crisis, CITU wrote a letter to SAIL Chairman on April 08, 2019 and had requested him to take positive decision for re-launch of the EL Encashment scheme. But the top management did not take any decision over this issue. Leaders asserted that such delay is making adverse impact on the morale of the employees.
Union leaders further stated that the employees are now raising questions over this issue. When the company was in loss, the employees made dedicated efforts for making the company overcome the crisis. Now when the company has come in profitable condition, then why the management is making delay to take decision over EL Encashment issue.
Union leaders further stated that the recommencement of EL Encashment Scheme is beneficial for the company also. If the scheme is re-launched, the employees would prefer to get their earned leaves en-cashed instead of taking unnecessary leaves. This situation is beneficial not only for the employees but for the company as well. But in absence of this scheme, the employees unnecessarily take leave to utilise them before they get lapsed.
The union leaders further stated that the employees are disappointed with the management’s decision over the arrangements for the day of voting for the general elections. CITU had demanded that there should be a uniform arrangement at all the units of SAIL. But the management is yet to take any decision over this issue also.
CITU General Secretary DVS Reddy stated that there is a deep relation between production and motivation. Working for eight hours daily and taking salary is a common situation. But when the employees are appraised regarding the condition of the company and they are motivated to work with more dedication and commitment, there always a scope of increasing the production and productivity of the company. Reddy added that due to such motivating factors only, the Bhilai Steel Plant and SAIL have performed better and has overcome losses and come in profit making condition.

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