CITU pledges to establish exploitation free society

Bhilai, May 30:
On Thursday, Hindustan Steel Employees Union (CITU) paid tributes to the martyrs of labour movements on the occasion of union’s foundation day. The office bearers and members gathered at the union office in Sector 4 and unfurled the union’s flag. They pledged to continue the struggle against exploitation of workmen and make all possible efforts to establish exploitation – free society.
On the occasion of foundation day, the latest updated documents of the organization were distributed. Union leaders stated that the purpose of the union and its continuous struggle is a part of the movement towards change in society. This document is a ‘written document’ of the union’s functioning which has been accepted after the discussions from the unit-level to the central level. CITU is the only trade union in this world which has made such a document. There is no scope for working as per own will in the union, but everyone has to act as per the procedure mentioned in this document. It also mentions the way of struggle to establish exploitation – free society in the interest of workers. This document is a unique book in the field of trade unions. On the occasion, the list of activities accomplished by the union while working as Representative Trade Union of BSP was also released. The union leaders stated that the employees of Bhilai Steel Plant have always been playing their important role in maintaining the production and productivity. Hence, the union believes that the employees would work with more dedication if the management takes positive initiative over the issues of salary, allowances and basic facilities like medical, education and housing of the employees.
They further said that hospital and medical services have always remained their top priority. Health of the employees and their family members is a significant issue for ensuring production and development in the plant. For this reason only, CITU has been conducting regular meetings with the hospital management for ensuring availability of sufficient number of doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, medical attendants and attendants in the hospital. Union leaders stated that there is a need of making more efforts in the field of education sector. The education department of BSP, which was once providing education to 60000 students, is now facing a critical situation and is able to operate only few schools. Considering the situation, CITU raised the issue of honorarium of temporary teachers. The union also registered protest against their deployment in election duty as it will hinder the studies. The union also protested the privatisation of Sector 7 school.
Only around 10 to 12 thousand BSP employees are residing in company quarters in the Bhilai Township which has about 36,000 houses. The rest of the quarters are occupied by lease, license and third party occupants while many of the houses are illegally possessed. CITU has been making concrete efforts for proper repairs, sufficient water supply and other issues of the township.
The union also made successful efforts for the rights and benefits of the trainees. The union has strongly raised voice over the safety issues in the plant. The union leaders asserted the curtailment of benefits is being done due to policies of the central government. The union leaders emphasised on the need of intensifying struggle for reintroduction of the curtailed benefits and allowances.

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