‘Chind talab’ to be cleaned every Sunday: Patel

Gariyaband, May 09:
The Nagar Palika team carried out cleaning in ‘Chind Talab’ (pond) in middle of the city last on Sunday. Nagar Palika President Rajeshwari Patel, Nagar Palika Vice President Mukesh Daswani and 40-45 employees of Nagar Palika carried out this cleaning of ‘chind talab’ for about 4-5 hours in the morning and cleaned the ‘ghat’ area as well. They cleaned the filth and garbage found scattered all over the place and even took out wild grass and bushes nearby.
During brief talks, CMO Nagar Palika Rajeshwari Patel informed that there is need for cleaning in ‘Chind Talab’, as it widely spread all over the pond. For this it is by contributing in the form of labour, a decision has been taken to carry out its cleaning every Sunday. On the first day of cleaning on Sunday, the main ‘ghat’ of the pond was cleaned. Nagar Palika Vice President Mukesh Daswani informed that so far entire ‘ghat’ of this pond will be cleaned every Sunday and contribution will be done in the form of labour. For this an appeal for assistance from ward residents and general public of city will also be made. On this occasion Nagar Palika Engineer Aswari Verma, Revenue Inspector Dushyant Thakur, Accountant Purshottam Chandrakar, Rekha Dhruv, Vaishnav, Firoz Khan, Puneet Nishad, Neelu Nirmalkar, Teekam Yadav, and other employees of Palika were present. It is notable that ‘Chind’ talab is the most ancient pond of Gariyaband and due to lack of cleaning for last few years, it is now full of wild grass and waste. It was last year, efforts were made to clean it up at Nagar Palika level, but it could not give positive results.

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