Chimney Heating begins in Battery#10

Central Chronicle News
Bhilai, May 19: COB#10 of SAIL-BSP was commissioned on November 06, 1996 and after completing operation of 21 years, the battery was taken under cold repair from January 2018. All mechanical structures and equipment were replaced along with replacement of oven brick work. As part of the commissioning activity, Chimney heating has been started on Wednesday 2021 at 11:30 hrs.
The Chimney was lit by SN Abidi, CGM I/c (Services) in the presence of GA Rao, CGM (CO&CCD) and other officials of CO&CCD. All Covid-19 protocol was followed with very limited officials present in the ceremony.
The cold repair jobs were managed by Rajiv Shrivastava, GM I/c (CRG&Plg) through his team comprising of Tarun Kanrar, GM (CRG-R), SK Panchbhai, GM (CRG-M), LJ Benjamin, GM I/c (Coal, Battery and H&R), Rakesh Joshi, GM (COB#9-11), S Roychoudhury, GM (COB#1-8), Atul Goswami, GM (H&R), B Paswan, GM (MM-CCD) & SB Patil, GM (CCD) and their respective team members.

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