Chhattisgarh would become producer as well as consumer: Baghel

Raipur, Feb 14:
In the 15th episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Lokvaani’ today, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel shared his views and State Government’s vision on “Useful Construction-Pro-Public Infrastructure and Your Expectations’. He asked people of Chhattisgarh to utilize invaluable resources and become prosperous and happy.
Women Self-Help Groups in villages and innovation by talented youth of the state have already started paving new paths of prosperity. Chief Minister said that various infrastructures are being developed in the villages of state to benefit people on a larger scale. Narwa, Garua, Ghurua, Bari scheme has been started to save the four ‘Chinhari’ of Chhattisgarh. Gauthans are becoming the centers of multifaceted cultural, economic activities.
State government has made a roadmap for qualitative improvement in school education. Similarly, in the field of higher education, inclusion of courses based on value addition of local resources in universities, colleges, agricultural education and engineering colleges is being emphasized. State Government is making consistent efforts to develop entreprenuerial skills in youth and to generate employment opportunities for them. Efforts are being made to promote local development and create new employment opportunities by promoting tourism.
30 thousand Narva identified for water conservation and promotion
Chief Minister said “Narva, Garva, Ghurua, Bari” is definitely our dream project, which has been started to save the four signs (Chinhari) of Chhattisgarh. Support of Panchayat and Rural Development, Water Resources Development Department, Forest Department etc. is being taken for Narva related work. About 30 thousand Narva have been identified and the development of about 5 thousand Narva has already been been completed.
State Government aims to double the irrigation capacity of the state in next 5 years
Chief Minister said ‘our Narva Yojana is becoming an important medium of recharging groundwater in the state. Ministry of Water Power, Government of India has also appreciated our efforts in this direction. Projects in Bilaspur and Surajpur districts have received National Awards. We have overcome the shortcomings of the old water resources projects so as to expand the actual irrigated area. Besides we have also started several other major schemes. Apart from Bodhghat, 15 projects like Shekharpur Dam, Dhandapani Dam, Rehar Atem were being looked into. Our aim is to develop water infrastructure in state to such an extent that the irrigation capacity here doubles in the next 5 years’.
Construction of 61 thousand vermi compost tanks and about 5 thousand pastures in Gauthans
In his address to the today’s episode of Lokvaani, Chief Minister thanked people for acknowledging and appreciating the positive changes brought about by the decisions of State Government.
With the convergence of various schemes with Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, we are developing such infrastructure in every village, benefitting people on a larger scale. Along with the construction of thousands of Gauthans, nearly 61 thousand Vermi compost tanks have also been built and about 5 thousand pastures have been developed in these gauthans. Buildings are being constructed for aanganbadis without own building. Buildings for newly-constituted gram panchayats are also being built. Likewise, more than 8 thousand platforms have been constructed in paddy procurement centers to ensure safe storage of paddy.

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