Characters of ‘Bhakharwadi’ making it a perfect delight

Food often unites everybody but here, on Sony SAB’s latest show ‘Bhakharwadi’, Gokhale Family (Marathi) and Thakkar Family (Gujarati) seem to have conflicts over the very famous food item, Bhakharwadi. This light hearted comedy show features Deven Bhojani as Anna, the head of Gokhale family and Paresh Ganatra as Mahendra Thakkar, the head of Thakkar family, both of them competing each other in Bhakharwadi business and a lot more.
As the show continues to leave the audiences bursting with laughter, since its launch, we notice each character resonating to the different flavors one gets to experience in a Bhakharwadi, making this show a complete entertainer with all the masalas.
Sour – Mahendra
Mahendra Thakkar (Paresh Ganatra), being the head of Gujarati family, is a tangy character just like the sour flavor of Bhakharwadi that makes it fun to eat. Putting up the act of being calm and poised, Mahendra would somewhere be planning something suspicious but wouldn’t let it come to his face. He likes to keep his point and his ideologies forward but does that in a quirky manner making him distinct from his own family and also from his business competitor Anna.
Spicy- Urmila
Urmila (Bhakti Rathod), Mahendra’s wife, would speak anything at any point irrespective of the surroundings, making her that spicy element that gives an interesting taste to Bhakharwadi. Caring the least about what anyone thinks, Urmila always has funny yet teekha responses on the tip of her tongue, especially when dealing with Anna. Being extremely blunt, she gives it to anyone messing with her or her family and is clearly the ‘Teekhi Chhoori’ of the Thakkar family.
Soft – Gayatri
Distinct from her mother’s “spiciness”, Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) is extremely innocent and soft at heart, just like the soft filling inside Bhakharwadi that gives a soothing feeling when eaten. She always has everyone’s good at heart and is also very delicate, as she faints on getting the littlest shock. Unlike the other members of Thakkar and Gokhale families, who disagree with Anna’s ideologies, Gayatri has a soft corner for him and also favors his values and beliefs.
Sweet – Abhishek
Being the sweetest member of the Gokhale family, Abhishek, (Akshay Kelkar) can’t say a no to anyone for anything. Although against his father’s ideologies to an extent, Abhishek shows his utmost respect towards Anna and always obeys what he says. This makes him the most obedient and ideal son of Anna, who is always there for everyone at any given point of time. This sweet character of his is what attracts everyone towards him, including the Thakkar family.
Crispy – Jyotsna
Jyotsna (Smita Saravade) is like that crispy layer of Bhakharwadi that holds everything together. Being Anna’s wife, she respects him a lot for what he is, but would also give him a lesson if he is at wrong. Although most of the family members disagree with Anna’s way of life, Jyotsna seems to excel in maintaining harmony within the family. She holds the entire family together by having a good bond with every generation present in the Gokhale house.
The package- Anna
Anna (Deven Bhojani) is a combination of everything, making the perfect Bhakharwadi. Although strict and blunt on face, Anna is very soft at heart. He adds a tangy touch to his character as is also childish at times, doing the sweetest things for his loved ones. Showing his softer side, Anna never gets angry with his wife Jyotsna and wouldn’t hold back his romantic gestures towards her, making him equally adorable. Being extremely principled and strict about his beliefs, Anna is sweet with some, sour with some, soft hearted for some and spicy with many.
Watch Bhakharwadi, every Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB.

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