Change is necessary but need to protect culture for saving humanity: Rikhi Kshatri

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Bhilai, Oct 03: Under the aegis of Heritage Education and Communication Service (HEC) of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), the Durg – Bhilai Chapter of INTACH is organising a series of online workshops as part of its efforts to create awareness among children about the endangered art forms.
Rikhi Kshatri, a famous folk artist and collector of folk-instruments, informed the children and teachers of the schools of Durg-Bhilai and Balod districts about the folk-instruments and gave them a live performance.
He attracted attention of all by playing the musical instruments which were traditionally used by tribals to attract animals for hunting as well as shoo away the animals which destroy the crops.
Rikhi Kshatri has a rich collection of more than 170 rare and extinct musical instruments including Nedhundhara, Munda Baja, Dhankur, Chikara, Khanjeri, Chade, Kuhki, Sisri, Ronjo, Khankhana, Thadka, Algoza, Tapra and Bher.
He explained to the children about their contemporary need and use of musical instruments. If the conservation of folk art is not taken seriously in the present day world, there will be a great threat for humanity.
At the outset, Purnima Datt Principal Director, Heritage Education and Communication Services of INTACH (New Delhi) spoke about the efforts being made by INTACH for the preservation of cultural heritage and culture. She stressed on the need to make the people aware of natural and cultural heritage.
Dr DN Sharma, convener of Durg Bhilai Chapter, said that such workshops are being organized with the aim of making children aware of the rare folk arts and crafts. He informed that 194 students from 18 schools of Durg and Balod districts and teachers participated in this online workshop.
Saraswati Shishu Mandir Sector-4, Mahaveer Jain School Durg, Indu IT School Kurud, Atmanand School, Deepak Nagar, Hanoda, Maroda, Titurdih, Badgaon, Rasmada, Government School, Mahatma Gandhi School, Durg and other schools participated in this event.
Coordinating the workshop, Dr Sonali Chakraborty (President of Swayamsidda) gave the introduction of 63-year-old Rikhi Kshatri and discussed his contribution in the field of folk art. Vidya Gupta, co-convener of Durg Bhilai chapter, proposed the vote of thanks. INTACH member Prof Deepak Das provided technical support. On the occasion, INTACH honoured Rikhi Kshatri with shawl and shriphal.

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