Challenge to remove encroachments from bus-routes before Monsoon sets in

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 02:
During exercise to commence the Inter- State Bus Terminal ( ISBT ) Commissioner Shiv Anant Taya was annoyed when he found official concerned were ill-prepared in review meet of this project.
To commence this service including internal arrangements, road widening is considered one of the key bottlenecks. Removing more than 243 encroachments from the route of Bus service is one of the biggest challenge encountered by the team hitherto.
Meanwhile Commi-ssioner Tayal has entrusted the responsibility to Upper Commissioner Avinash Bhoi , of Tehsil and District revenue Department apart from removing the obstacles of encroachments from the route of the Bus service. Not only this a notice with ultimatum, has been served to the Consultant of Construction Company to show results till May 10. Agency which is involved in Terminal Construction was told to produce the time schedule of complete construction project within two days.
For getting inordinate delay in completion of this project Commissioner Tayal has taken engineers of State Rural Development Authority , oblique handed. He said that – he will come to see the development of work on May 10.
Temporary connection of Power
Commissioner Tayal was miffed when he come to know that Power work in terminal is being done with temporary connection. Tayal asked for permanent connection and for installation of transformer. It was later revealed that no application has been given yet for the permanent connection and transformer.
Bus route is also not made
To provide commuters city bus service to reach to the remotely placed Bus Terminal Bus route, construction should be made. When Tayal sought information, the officials could not even answer. Work to prepare shed was entrusted to a Company but that company also seems indolent, since it has not even identified the spot hitherto , where sheds are to be built?

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