Chairman SAIL spells out priorities for Bhilai and other plants

Bhilai, Dec 01: Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman SAIL connected with more than 2000 employees of five integrated steel plants of SAIL through Large group Interactive exercise conducted online on November 28,2020. More than 500 employees of Bhilai Steel Plant participated in this Large group interactions (LGI) which was conducted through video conferencing.
The interaction was focused on efforts to enhance employee engagement and involvement in taking advantage of buoyant steel market and overcoming the present challenges. Anil Kumar Chaudhary emphasized on making all out efforts to increase the market share of SAIL and said that circumstances are extremely favourable, particularly for steelmakers like SAIL which is having lot of products in their basket to offer and this is an added advantage.
Addressing participants, Chairman SAIL said that steel sector is witnessing a boom in demand for steel with construction activities in Mega-projects picking up again after the easing out of the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic. The concerted efforts in reducing the production cost for a better techno economics coupled with favourable market for steel products can uplift the company’s financial performance, he added.
Employees of SAIL across all the plants and units have to gear up to make the most of these favourable conditions, he said. The improvement in performance and profitability gives the organization a good image and employees also cherish the moments, Chaudhary said.
Bhilai Steel Plant has a significant role to play in the overall performance of the company, Chairman SAIL further said, adding that the Plant has great potential which has been demonstrated in its performance time and again in the past, even during the recent lockdown periods that we all experienced in the first half of the current fiscal. The company has high expectations from the Bhilai Collective under these positive and favorable circumstances for the steel industry, Chaudhary said.
Spelling out the priorities and the road ahead for Bhilai Steel Plant, Chaudhary pointed out that the Plant has been equipped with several Modex facilities in recent years & BSP has to reap maximum benefits out of it. To take care of this huge investment, the BSP collective have to gear up themselves in enhancing the production of Long Rails as also its other value added products like Wire rods and TMT Bars that are now in good market demand with handsome Net sales realization (NSR), Chairman SAIL emphasized. There is also sufficient demand for Plates which the Plant is capable of producing.
Due to Covid-19 pandemic, construction work for New Rail lines in Indian Railways is severely affected causing lesser demand in short length Rails but there is no dearth of orders for long Rails from Indian Railways, Chairman SAIL said. Besides Universal Rail Mill (URM) and Rail & Strl Mill, it is imperative for both the steel melting shops to gear up to fulfill the commitment given to Indian Railways, Chaudhary emphasized. There is also urgent demand for Head hardened Rails from Indian Railways. Facilities for production of Head hardened Rails will in all likelihood be commissioned very soon as the foreign experts have arrived after easing out the travel restrictions in India as well as the source country of the equipment. In the meantime, both the Rail mills of Bhilai will have to make all-out efforts to enhance the current level of performance, he said.
Every member of Team Bhilai must work to his or her full potential to encash on the opportunities that the market has to offer, said Chaudhary, adding further that top management of SAIL is always ready to help in all possible ways. The company and all its employees will stand to benefit from the gains we garner in the current fiscal.
Addressing the participants, Director (Finance) SAIL Amit Sen also emphasized that Bhilai with its diversified range of long and flat products, stands to gain a lot in the present circumstances. Bhilai has the potential to earn profits equal to the summation of profits of all other sister plants and they have done so in the past.
Bhilai Steel Plant has a strong leadership personified in Anirban Dasgupta, said Chairman SAIL. “I am sure that the Plant can perform to its potential under the able leadership of your Director I/c”, were his words. Before the interaction was opened for participants to express their views, Director I/c Bhilai Steel Plant Anirban Dasgupta apprised Chairman of actions taken to enhance the production from Modex as well as existing Units. He also explained to him about some technical issues being faced by BSP presently and assured him that the Bhilai Collective will leave no stone unturned to overcome all the challenges and regain its status as the flagship unit of SAIL.

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