Central School, an epitome of school education

Stands second in state level grading

Hare Ram Tiwari
Raigarh, Jul 12:
It has long been under dispute that why government officers do not prefer to send their students in government schools as they find mismanagement and worse condition of government-run schools. The parents prefer to send their children to private schools rather than government schools. But in between all the bad name government schools have earned there is one government school in the district where the scenario is totally different and any parent will wish to send their child in this school. In shinning check design uniform when the students of this school perform morning assembly to start their studies in a disciplined atmosphere, then Central School looks no less than a ‘Modern Gurukul’. This school has earned the distinction of being the epitome of government-sponsored education. The school in the discussion is Central School Raigarh which is best in the state and on entering the school it looks like have entered in the true temple of learning. The credit of this achievement goes to school principal Harilal Pradhan who expressed happiness about the school adjudged second best school in grading among the schools in the state. He credited the success to the school management committee, well though process, efficient teachers and their honest responsible approach.
Stress on learning over studies
School which CBSE affiliated has 46 staff of which out of the set-up of 35 teaching staff at present there are 26 regular staff and in the rest of the posts committee takes teacher on one-year contract basis. Principal said, in the school stress is on learning rather than studies and he believes that it makes the student mentally strong and more inclined towards studies. He believes that it is not advisable to put unnecessary mental stress on students for studies and the teacher should find out the mental condition of studies and accordingly framing the teaching mechanism creates interest in the students. He added Central School students find their place in the merit list in both home and board examinations. The teachers are given training from time to time to be updated with the latest in education.
Multitalented talents are developed
The students of this school apart from regular studies get an opportunity for their all-round development as per their taste and interest.
Online studies with permission of parents
The principal said, in this pandemic period school is conducting online studies following the permission of parents and he advised the students not to be addicted to mobiles and also maintain social distancing.

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