CECB claims that air, sound pollution reduced during Diwali

Raipur: As per SC’s guidelines and initiatives by CECB department of the state government, the pollution emission level in capital city Raipur on the day of Diwali was 7.4% less compared to that of last year due to public awareness campaigns and with due assistance of district administration and police and general public. Similarly in Bhilai also the pollution level was recorded 9% less compared to that of last year.

The reading of PM-10 in capital city was recorded at 73 mg per cubic meter (PCB) and this was 78.89 micro grams in 2018. Similarly the level of Sulphar Dioxide was 9.9% less at 22.66 and Nitrogen Oxide gas was recorded at around 8.3% less at 23.83.

As per results at the Air measuring station in Raipur, the PM 10 at City Kotwali was recorded at 76.33; 60.42 near AIIMS Hospital; 84.71 at Collectorate; 75.64 near NIT and 68.33 micro-grams per cubic meter near Shankar Nagar at Pandri. In Bhilai city also, according to experts of CECB, as per monitoring done during Diwali, the average PM particles were recorded 9% less at 68 micro-grams per cubic meter and which was recorded 75 in the year 2018.

On the day of Diwali, the sound pollution level was found to be 5% less this year and it was recorded at 81.7 Db, which was 86 in 2018 Diwali. Similarly in Bhilai, the average sound intensity was found 9.2% less at 69 Db, compared to 76 in 2018. CECB officials claim that the denizens of both Raipur and Bhilai were very much comfortable during Diwali due to less sound and air pollution and all this was due to strict compliance of SC’s guidelines and appeal to general citizens to use less of fire-crackers this year.

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