Cattle to be fed green vegetables along with fodder

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Bhilai, Sep 23: In one of the most maintained Newai Gothan, cattle will now be given green vegetables along with the usual fodder. District Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure has prepared a special action plan for this and the Risali Corporation Commissioner Ashish Devangan is materialising it. Devangan has instructed the sanitation workers of the Public Health Department to collect the vegetable residue left after the weekly market ends and serve it as fodder to the cattle.
Commissioner Ashish Devangan explained that after the weekly market is over, vegetable-fruit vendors throw away the vegetable residues. Also, prior to the beginning of the market many traders also sort vegetables for the prospective buyers.
Most of the waste or residue includes cabbage, cauliflower and other green vegetables, tomatoes etc. After the market ends, the sellers leave the residue at the spot. If it is not cleaned on time, it rots which in turn emanates foul smell. The Collector in his plan suggested that if the vegetable residue is immediately picked up, then it can be given as fodder to the cattle.
After seeing the condition of Maroda Bazar in Risali Corporation area on Tuesday, the commissioner directed that the vegetable residue should be picked up and used as fodder and feed to the cattle kept in Gothan.
The commissioner has directed that cattle should not be fed rotten vegetables. Such wet waste should be transported to SLRM centre and be used to make manure. The commissioner has also given directions to the authorized agency regarding cleaning for the same purpose.
The Public Health Department of the Municipal Corporation Risali has appealed to the vendors selling vegetables and fruits in the weekly market and in the pull cart not to throw the remains of vegetables and fruits here and there. Collect it and leave it in one place. The employees of the corporation will pick the residue and take it to Gothan and the waste to SLRM centre for making compost.
The commissioner said that by doing this the place would be waste free on the second day after the weekly market. The same place where 5 employees used to do cleaning work due to less waste there, would require only two workers to complete the cleaning.

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