Carry out anti-larval operation, fogging in all 70 wards: Mayor

Raipur, Aug 27: Mayor Aijaz Dhebar and Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) health department president Nagbhushan Rao today discussed measures for prevention of vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria in RMC wards with RMC health officer Vijay Pandey, assistant health officer Dr Tripti Panigrahi and in-charge zone health officers of all the zones at a meeting held in RMC headquarters (Mahatma Gandhi Sadan) here today.
The Mayor instructed to conduct anti-larval operation and fogging in all the wards of Raipur Municipal Corporation on a regular basis through Zone Health Department in public interests. Mayor Dhebar has directed the Health Officer, Assistant Health Officer and all the in-charge zone health officers to ensure continuous monitoring of the anti-larval operation and fogging.
Mayor Dhebar and Health Department President Rao have given instructions to all zone health officers including Health Officer Pandey and Assistant Health Officer Dr Panigrahi to conduct special cleanliness drive in one ward of every zone from August 31. During the special cleanliness drive, it has been suggested to take special care to cover the adjacent ward area. Special anti-larval operation and fogging will be conducted in the concerned ward during special cleanliness drive.
During the review in the meeting, RMC Health Department president Rao informed that anti-larval operation and fogging would be carried out daily in all zones by the Health Department of Raipur Municipal Corporation for effective prevention of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria in the corporation area.
Every day the Zone Health Officers along with their team staff are working to solve the problem of water stagnation in every possible way by inspecting the wards for removal of stagnated water. A large number of window coolers are being emptied in houses and medicine is being sprayed after removal of stagnated water from coolers.
If mosquito larvae are found in the water stored in the window coolers, the residents of the concerned houses are given advise for the removal of water. Owners of such houses are also being fined continuously. A team of health department of RMC zone 6 visited more than one thousand houses in all the wards of the zone today and conducted an intensive public awareness campaign among the people regarding mosquito-borne disease dengue.
On finding mosquito larvae in window coolers in 5 houses, the RMC team imposed a total fine of Rs 500 on the concerned house owners and gave them a stern warning for the future. In Zone 2 and 9, a total fine of Rs 700 was collected from the house owners for mosquito larvae found in 7 houses and Rs 600 for mosquito larvae found in 6 coolers in Zone 8. Zone 1 team collected a total fine of Rs 1200 from the concerned house owners for finding mosquito larvae in window coolers in 12 houses.

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