Can’t reuse! Why not refuse?


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World Environment Day is here and akin to every year there is a lot of concern on ever increasing pollution. People across the world celebrate this day by encouraging awareness and propagating the need for protecting environment. So what is different this year? If we talk of country as a whole there certainly is a difference. India is hosting the World Environment Day, one of the most important and earnestly observed days of The United Nations calendar. No doubt, the genuine efforts put in by Team India to visualize the dream of Prime Minister through Clean India Mission during the last four years, has a pivotal role to play in bringing this summit to our country. But when it comes to individual level, the worry to protect the environment is commonly limited to participating in awareness campaigns or activities for a day or week and then getting back to routine work. Individuals are concerned about keeping their houses clean and tidy but are least bothered about their milieu. People must realize cleaning the neighbourhood once or twice is of least help and uninterrupted endeavor is needed to make environs cleaner. What is imperative is to stop making it dirty. Therefore instead of just observing the day out of formality why not do something to help the environment?
The UN theme for the year is “Beat Plastic Pollution” as this is the biggest environmental concern. Why not unite in the fight against plastic and try out alternatives that are not harmful and reusable.
The biggest challenge that the country faces is to get rid of the disposable or single-use plastic items. Majority of the plastic used is single-use or disposable items and UN points out that plastic makes up 10% of all of the waste generated. So, don’t limit World Environment Day activities to just being a part of the runs arranged for the theme, or post likes on social media platforms on efforts put in by others, but instead try to make small changes in habits that can go a long way.
For example collect waste water from purifiers and nurture the plants, switch to use of metal bottles instead of plastic water bottles, refuse buying things in plastic carry bags and instead carry a cloth bag, refuse servings in disposable or single use cups or packaging, discontinue use of sanitary napkins that are mostly plastic and instead switch to the use of biodegradable ones, pledge to reduce or rather discontinue plastic usage and help save innocent animals in the neighbourhood. Understand the severity of plastic usage in daily life and help the environment. Just follow the philosophy “Can’t reuse! Why not refuse?”

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