Campaign to ban illegal sale of liquor: Kawasi Lakhma

Raipur, Jul 12: State Commercial Tax (Excise) Department Minister Mr. Kavasi Lakhma reviewed the functioning of the Excise Department through video conferencing. He directed the officers of the department to strictly prohibit the illegal sale of liquor and to conduct a campaign of intensive search in the border areas.
Minister Lakhma instructed the officers to start the Excise Department office at Gorela-Pendra-Marwahi. He also inquired from the district level officials about the sale of alcohol, excise income and control of excise crimes. The minister also directed the officials to take strict action to stop illegal sale of liquor in their respective districts.
The Excise Commissioner directed the officers to increase Excise revenue. The complaints received for the sale of liquor at higher rates in the state were reviewed and instructions were given to all divisional Deputy Commissioners and District Excise Officers to strictly control the sale of liquor at higher rates. The Excise Commissioner also directed the officials of the Chhattisgarh State Marketing Corporation Limited to keep an eye on the activities of the employees employed by the Manpower Agency affiliated to the districts and to take immediate action if any irregularities are found. The Excise Commissioner directed to ensure availability of popular brand liquor in all the foreign liquor shops of the state as per the choice of consumers.
During the meeting, the system of home delivery was also reviewed and instructions for necessary improvement were given in it. Excise check post of the border districts of the state was also directed to strictly prohibit the illegal purchase and sale of liquor. Instructions were also given to establish Excise Department check-posts at 16 transport check posts started by Transport Department.

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